With Stereotomy, the message that Parsons is trying to reveal by way of his music begins to dissipate quickly, and the album is saved only somewhat by a couple of interesting instrumental pieces. On this album, the theme circles around the way in which the modern world molds the personality, the character, and the livelihood of the human being. People are but a slave to their lifestyle and their environment, and they are destined to be thrown into this situation at birth, with tolerance as an inevitability.


1.Stereotomy 2.Beaujolais 3.Urbania (Instrumental) 4.Limelight 5.In The Real World 6.Where`s The Walrus (Instrumental) 7.Light Of The World 8.Chinese Whispers (Instrumental) 9.Stereotomy Two


Eric Woolfson - pianos, keyboards, vocals, Alan Parsons - additional keyboards, producer, Ian Bairnson - guitars, David Paton - bass, John Miles, Chris Rainbow, Gary Brooker, Graham Dye, Steven Dye, Eric Woolfson - vocals, Stuart Elliott - drums and percussion, Richard Cottle - synths and saxes, The Philharmonia Orchestra, leader - Christoffer Warren-Green. Orchestra arranged and conducted by Andrew Powell

Release date: November 17, 1985