Borrowing not just its title but concept from Isaac Asimov's classic sci-fi Robot trilogy, this album explores many of the philosophies regarding artificial intelligence - will it overtake man, what does it mean to be man, what responsibilities do mechanical beings have to their creators, and so on and so forth - with enough knotty intelligence to make it a seminal text of late '70s geeks, and while it is also true that appreciating I Robot does require a love of either sci-fi or art rock, it is also true that sci-fi art rock never came any better than this. I Robot it's dressed up in a more electronic fashion in order to appeal with science-fiction. The volume of variety is impressive. Rock, progressive, disco, orchestras, choirs, electronics, and more. They're all here and they're all still used to deliver a memorable experience thanks to the brilliant talents of Parsons, Woolfson, and the cast of revolving door musicians.


1.I Robot 2.I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You 3.Some Other Time 4.Breakdown 5.Don't Let It Show 6.The Voice 7.Nucleus 8.Day After Day (The Show Must Go On) 9.Total Eclipse 10.Genesis Ch.1 V.32


David Paton - bass, acoustic guitars, Stuart Tosh - drums, percussion, Ian Bairnson - electric and acoustic guitars, Eric Woolfson, Alan Parsons, Duncan Mackay - keyboards, B.J. Cole - steel guitar, John Leach - cimbalom and kantele, Lenny Zakatek, Allan Clarke, Steve Harley, Jack Harris, Peter Straker, Jaki Whitren, Steve Davies and Dave Townsend - vocals. "Some Other Time" harmonies sung by Tony Rivers, John Perry and Stu Calver

Release date: June 1, 1977