This album's concept focuses on the life, challenges, and eventual demise of Antonio Gaudi, a man whose main goal in life was to honor God by building a magnificent cathedral. As always on a Project album, the performances, production and sound quality are sharp & superior, and the outstanding orchestral touches by Andrew Powell is the icing on an already delicious musical cake. Gaudi is an album where its seen the most greceful combinations of musical experience throughout Alan Parsons career, it seems that he suspected that the project was about to end, so instead of releasing heavy, experimental albums, he released a beautiful structure of nostalgic compositions, recalling their good times and also their bad times. As the album assumes a lot of inspirations and styles, its cohersion is a little bit duller than its past works, and apart of being such a reflective and hard to comprehend album, there is nothing bad with it.


1.La Sagrada Familia 2.Too Late 3.Closer To Heaven 4.Standing On Higher Ground 5.Money Talks 6.Inside Looking Out 7.Paseo De Gracia


Eric Woolfson - pianos, keyboards, vocals, Alan Parsons - synthesizer, programming, producer, engineer, Ian Bairnson - guitars, Laurence Cottle - bass, Stuart Elliott - drums and percussion, Richard Cottle - synthesizers and saxophones, John Miles, Lenny Zakatek, Eric Woolfson, Geoff Barradale, Chris Rainbow - vocals, Andrew Powell - orchestral arrangements, John Heley - cello on "La Sagrada Familia", David Cripp - horns conductor on "La Sagrada Familia" and "Paseo De Gracia", Bob Howes - The English Chorale conductor, timpani on "La Sagrada Familia" and "Paseo De Gracia"

Release date: January 7, 1987