Fifty years after "Whiter Shade of Pale" introduced the concept of progressive rock, Procol Harum roll on, even with singer and pianist Gary Brooker as the only remaining original member. Novum is their first new studio album in 14 years. This is the sound of a working band, not a tired reunion project. Novum is far better than anyone had any right to expect: It's energetic, hungry, and swaggering. At the heart of the album is Brooker’s dextrous keyboard work, his pristine piano-playing embellished in all the right places by Josh Phillips’s Hammond organ. What’s equally impressive is the might of Brooker’s voice, which has lost none of its vigour in the 50 years since he first skipped the light fandango.


1.I Told On You 2.Last Chance Motel 3.Image Of The Beast 4.Soldier 5.Don't Get Caught 6.Neighbour 7.Sunday Morning 8.Businessman 9.Can't Say That 10.The Only One 11.Somewhen


Gary Brooker - piano, accordion, vocals, Josh Phillips - organ, vocals, Geoff Whitehorn - guitar, Matt Pegg - bass guitar, Geoff Dunn - drums

Release date: April 21, 2017