Return to Ommadawn is the twenty-sixth studio album by Mike Oldfield. It is a sequel to his third album, Ommadawn (1975). This is probably Mike Oldfield's best work since his 1978 Incantations release. Mike Oldfield has embraced a number of styles over the years, including pop songs, orchestral music (Music of the Spheres) and a highly credible rock album (Man on the Rocks). But what set him apart at the beginning of his recording career was his highly personal multi-instrumental works, with a wonderful combination of melody, texture, musicianship and emotion. 'Return to Ommadawn' doesn't have quite the raw emotion that 'Ommadawn' had, but it is intensely personal - he plays all the instruments himself, with a few vocal snippets sampled from the original - and wonderfully melodic.


1.Return to Ommadawn Part I 2.Return to Ommadawn Part II


Mike Oldfield - all instruments

Release date: January 20, 2017