Right from the start, you can feel another fine moment in music unfolding before your eyes and ears with this album. The compositions are all fascinating. Getting There has some of John Abercrombie's tastiest playing. Strong clean tones, with lines that are so articulate. His playing seems filled with purpose, and has more substance, and more emotion than in later albums. The acoustic guitar tones are rich and detailed. The recording is ample and clear. With energy and eerie temper, the music flies and at times seems like suspended between space and time.


1.Side Kicks 2.Upon A Time 3.Getting There 4.Remember Hymn 5.Thalia 6.Furs On Ice 7.Chance 8.Labour Day


John Abercrombie - electric and acoustic guitars, guitar synthesizer, Marc Johnson - bass, Peter Erskine - drums, Michael Brecker - tenor saxophone (1,4,6)

Release date: January 1, 1988