GSublime. Ethereal. Poignant. Heartfelt. Spacey. Arcade is an unheralded triumph. It possesses a healing, soothing, and almost spiritual quality. This is not really jazz/rock or fusion, but rather a type of progressive jazz that only the ECM label seems able to do in this way and on this level. Abercrombie's guitar rings out in single notes with simplicity and emotion. Ritchie Bierach's piano is a perfect compliment to Abercrombie's atmospheric excursions, yet all the musicians completely mesh with his sound to allow John to drift endlessly above the fray.


1.Arcade 2.Nightlake 3.Paramour 4.Neptune 5.Alchemy


John Abercrombie - guitar, electric mandolin, Richard Beirach - piano, George Mraz - bass, Peter Donald - drums

Release date: July 25, 1979