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The Spaghetti Epic (2004)

The idea of mixing progressive rock and Spaghetti Westerns must surely have been born following an evening of imbibing too many alcoholic beverages. Take a classic film of the genre, in this case "Once Upon A Time In The West", and invite six modern prog bands to write a piece of music based on a character from the film. Not only that, but each piece should be between 20 and 25 minutes long and be heavily influenced by classic 1970s prog. Unsurprisingly there were no shortage of takers to the challenge, after all, progressive rock should be all about taking music in new directions and merging influences from numerous sources. The results are universally impressive, each band rising to the occasion and, given the wide spread of nationalities represented (Finland, Italy, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom), fairly cohesive.
Bands: Haikara, Randone, Tilion, La Voce Del Vento, Taproban, Trion
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