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The Finnish progressive music association Colossus and the French progressive rock label Musea have for several years now cooperated in an ongoing series of musical projects, where artists are invited to create long, epic tunes over a set theme, often a movie, and where the compositions in addition have to follow specific guidelines.

The Spaghetti Epic (2004)

Odyssey: The Greatest Tale (2005)


Haikara - The West
Randone - Jill
Tilion - Cheyenne
La Voce Del Vento - Harmonica
Taproban - Morton
Trion - Frank

Nathan Mahl - Of Longings, Suitors, Deities And Quests
Nexus - El Regreso (The Return)
Glass Hammer - At The Court Of Alkinoos
XII Alfonso - From Ismarus To The Land Of Death
Simon Says - Minds Of Mortal Men (Meander Tales)
C.A.P. - Sulle Ali Del Sogno Odissea, Libri XIV, XV, XVI
Tempano - Chapter VII
Minimum Vital - Chapter VIII, Etranger En Sa Demeure
Aether - Chapter IX
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