Silent Nation stands as darker and edgier album than one would expect from a band like Asia. But it is also very melodic and tasteful. The arrangements are very well done and the traklist is very balanced.


1.What Above Love 2.Long Way From Home 3.Midnight 4.Blue Moon Monday 5.Silent Nation 6.Ghost In The Mirror 7.Gone Too Far 8.I Will Be There For You 9.Darkness Day 10.The Prophet


Geoff Downes - keyboards and percussion, John Payne - vocals, bass and guitar, Guthrie Govan - guitars, Chris Slade - drums. Additional musicians: Kim Nielsen Parsons - bass guitar on "I Will Be There For You", Ant Glynne - guitars, Billy Sherwood - guitars and bass, Jay Schellen - drums

Release date: August 31, 2004