Asia's fourth studio album, Aqua, began the Payne era for the group. After unsuccessful sales of Astra in 1985, John Wetton apparently became disgusted and left Asia to pursue a solo career. In 1992, vocalist/bassist John Payne filled Wetton's shoes. This new version of Asia had some resemblances to the Asia of old, but for the most part, they sounded really different. So different that it didn't seem like Asia at all. Partly this is due to a new vocalist that sounds nothing like John Wetton in delivery or performance and partly this is because the songwriting took a different approach.


1.Aqua I 2.Who Will Stop The Rain 3.Lay Down Your Arms 4.Heaven On Earth 5.Someday 6.Crime Of The Heart 7.A Far Cry 8.Back In Town 9.Don't Call Me 10.Love Under Fire 11.The Voice Of Reason 12.Aqua II


Geoffrey Downes - keyboards, vocals, Steve Howe - acoustic, pedal steel & electric 12-string guitars, mandolin & dobro (1,2,3,5,7,10), Carl Palmer - drums, John Payne - bass, vocals, Al Pitrelli - guitar. Additional musicians: Simon Phillips - drums, Ant Glynne - guitar, Scott Gorham - guitar, Mats Johanson - guitar solo (6), Nigel Glockler - drums

Release date: June 8, 1992