Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe were a progressive rock band active from 1988 to 1990 that comprised four past members of the English progressive rock band Yes. The group released their sole studio album, Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe, in June 1989 which reached number 14 in the UK and number 30 in the US. This impressionable collaboration (which will henceforward be referred to as ABWH) unified four alumni from the iconic progressive rock band, and the end result was just as any established follower could come to expect; exceptionally crafted compositions driven by elaborate instrumentation, soaring vocal harmonies and blissfully melodic refrains. The album was successful enough to lead to a merging of the two estranged branches of Yes, which led to the successful Union Tour that followed, and also led Yes back to their roots.


1.Themes 2.Fist Of Fire 3.Brother Of Mine 4.Birthright 5.The Meeting 6.Quartet 7.Teakbois 8.Order Of The Universe 09.Let's Pretend


Jon Anderson - lead vocals, production, Bill Bruford - Tama acoustic drums, Simmons SDX electronic drums, Rick Wakeman - keyboards, Steve Howe - guitars. Additional musicians: Tony Levin - bass, Chapman stick, vocals, Matt Clifford - keyboards, programming, orchestration, vocals, Milton McDonald - rhythm guitar, The Oxford Circus Singers - Deborah Anderson, Tessa Niles, Carol Kenyon, Frank Dunnery - backing vocals, J.M.C. Singers - Jon, Matt, Chris - backing vocals, Emerald Isle Community Singers - backing vocals, In Seine Singers - backing vocals

Release date: June 20, 1989