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Some bands have a knack of making everything sound so simple and effortless. Airbag are one of these bands, a quartet that seem to have something of a Midas touch; everything they write is of the highest quality with a disarming smoothness and sophistication that others can only dream of. Airbag was formed in 2004 by 5 class mates from Oslo, Bjørn Riis (lead guitar), Asle Tostrup (lead vocals & rhythm guitar), Jørgen Hagen (keyboards), Anders Hovdan (bass) and Henrik Fossum (drums). The music of Norwegian band Airbag has been described as chilled-out progressive rock - sort of like Pink Floyd meets Radiohead, but with a whole lot less to complain about or prove. And while it's true the band got its start playing Floyd covers, and that their very name is taken from track one of Radiohead's OK Computer, that's where the similarities end. Because Airbag has gone and done something that Pink Floyd (by virtue of the fact they're no longer together) and Radiohead haven't done in years.

Identity (2009)

Disconnected (2016)

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No Escape
Safe Like You
Steal My Soul
Feeling Less
How I Wanna Be
Sounds That I Hear
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