Night In The Ruts is an underrated classic Aerosmith record that seems a bit misunderstood. Some of the reason may be the absence of any hugely successful singles or well known album radio cuts. The recording sessions for this record are often remembered for the tensions that caused founding member and lead guitarist Joe Perry to quit the group for 5 years. Night in the Ruts is a surprisingly coherent and inspired album. Although it's not up to par with such classics as Toys In The Attic or Rocks (although it could have been if the band weren't in such a state of turmoil at the time), it was definitely leaner and more focused than Draw The Line.


1.No Surprize 2.Chiquita 3.Remember (Walking In The Sand) 4.Cheese Cake 5.Three Mile Smile 6.Reefer Head Woman 7.Bone To Bone (Coney Island Whie Fish Boy) 8.Think About It 9.Mia


Steven Tyler - lead vocals, keyboards, harmonica, piano, Joe Perry - guitar, slide guitar, backing vocals on "No Surprize," "Chiquita," "Cheese Cake," "Three Mile Smile," and "Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)", Brad Whitford - guitar, Tom Hamilton - bass, Joey Kramer - drums. Additional musicians: Mary Weiss - Backing vocals on "Remember (Walking In The Sand)", Richie Supa - additional guitars on "No Surprize" and "Mia", Jimmy Crespo - lead guitar on "Three Mile Smile", Louis del Gatto - baritone saxophone on "Chiquita", Lou Marini - tenor saxophone on "Chiquita", Barry Rogers - trombone on "Chiquita", Neil Thompson - guitar on "Chiquita", George Young - horn, alto saxophone on "Chiquita"

Release date: November 1, 1979