Music From Another Dimension is Aerosmith’s first album in over a decade, and it’s full of ’70s hard rock riffs that reward every class of Aero-historian. The album is a mixture between Aerosmith's signature brash, cheesy style of hard rock and a more blues-rock oriented sound that infested the previous album, released six years beforehand. This is a clear attempt at Aerosmith to get back on top of the pile of hard rock bands, but shows exactly why they will never accomplish this.


1.LUV XXX 2.Oh Yeah 3.Beautiful 4.Tell Me 5.Out Go The Lights 6.Legendary Child 7.What Could Have Been Love 8.Street Jesus 9.Can't Stop Lovin' You (Duet With Carrie Underwood) 10.Lover Alot 11.We All Fall Down 12.Freedom Fighter 13.Closer 14.Something 15.Another Last Goodbye


Steven Tyler - lead vocals, arrangement, production, Joe Perry - guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Freedom Fighter" and "Something", Brad Whitford - guitar, Tom Hamilton - bass, Joey Kramer - drums, percussion. Additional musicians: Julian Lennon - background vocals on "LUV XXX", Melanie Taylor - background vocals on "Oh Yeah" and "Out Go The Lights", Sharlotte Gibson - background vocals on "Oh Yeah", Laura Jones - background vocals on "Oh Yeah", Tom Scott - saxophone tenor on "Oh Yeah" and "Out Go The Lights", Jessy J. - saxophone tenor on "Oh Yeah", John Mitchell - saxophone baritone on "Oh Yeah" and "Out Go The Lights", Bill Reichenbach, Jr. - trombone on "Oh Yeah" and "Out Go The Lights", Gary Grant - trumpet on "Oh Yeah" and "Out Go The Lights", Larry Hall - trumpet on "Oh Yeah" and "Out Go The Lights", Mia Tyler - backing vocals on "Beautiful", Russ Irwin - piano and backing vocals on "What Could Have Been Love", Carrie Underwood - featured vocals on "Can't Stop Loving You", Johnny Depp - background vocals on "Freedom Fighter", Bruce Witkin - background vocals on "Freedom Fighter", Paul Santo - hammond organ on "Something" and "Tell Me", keyboards on "Closer" and "Freedom Fighter", mellotron on "Closer", Dr. Rudy Tanzi - hammond organ on "Something" and "Freedom Fighter", Jesse Sky Kramer - additional drums on "We All Fall Down", Zac Rae - piano and synthesizer on "We All Fall Down", electric piano on "Freedom Fighter", Desmond Child - piano on "Another Last Goodbye", Jesse Kotansky - violin solo on "Another Last Goodbye", Daniel J. Coe - synthesizer on "Closer" and "Oasis In The Night", synthesizer and programming on "Another Last Goodbye", arrangement, Rick Dufay - rhythm guitar on "Shakey Ground". The Section Quartet: Daphne Chen - violin, Eric Gorfain - violin, Lauren Chipman - viola and Richard Dodd - cello on "We All Fall Down" and "Another Last Goodbye"

Release date: November 6, 2012