Just Push Play has great moments where Aerosmith sounds completely fresh, adapted to new times, and nailing it, and many others that the band just fail. The decadence of the band here it's unavoidable, but luckilly you can find some tunes that still reminds you their genius. The album was co-produced by song collaborators Marti Frederiksen and Mark Hudson.


1.Beyond Beautiful 2.Just Push Play 3.Jaded 4.Fly Away From Here 5.Trip Hoppin' 6.Sunshine 7.Under My Skin 8.Luv Lies 9.Outta Your Head 10.Drop Dead Gorgeous 11.Light Inside 12.Avant Garden


Steven Tyler - lead vocals, piano, Squeezebox, harmonica, percussion, additional guitar and additional drums, conga, backing vocals on "Drop Dead Gorgeous", mixing, production, Joe Perry - guitar, slide guitar, pedal steel guitar, hurdy-gurdy, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Drop Dead Gorgeous," mixing, production, Brad Whitford - guitar, Tom Hamilton - bass, fretless bass, Joey Kramer - drums. Additional musicians: Jim Cox - piano on "Fly Away From Here", Paul Santo - keyboards Kurzweil on "Fly Away From Here", Hammond organ on "Avant Garden", Tower of Power - horns on "Trip Hoppin'", Dan Higgins - clarinet, saxophone on "Trip Hoppin'", Chelsea Tyler - backing vocals on "Under My Skin", Paul Caruso - loop programming on "Drop Dead Gorgeous", Liv Tyler - whispers on "Avant Garden", Tony Perry - Scratching on "Just Push Play"

Release date: March 5, 2001