Stiff Upper Lip, AC/DC's 15th studio album, may not reach the heights of Back in Black or Highway to Hell, but it delivers strongly and satisfyingly. It's the record that the highly touted, Rick Rubin-produced Ballbreaker should have been: a simple, addictive, hard album, bursting with bold riffs and bolstered by a crunching, thrillingly visceral sound.


1.Stiff Upper Lip 2.Meltdown 3.House of Jazz 4.Hold Me Back 5.Safe In New York City 6.Can't Stand Still 7.Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll 8.Satellite Blues 9.Damned 10.Come And Get It 11.All Screwed Up 12.Give It Up


Brian Johnson - lead vocals, Angus Young - lead guitar, Malcolm Young - rhythm guitar, backing vocals, Cliff Williams - bass guitar, backing vocals, Phil Rudd - drums, percussion

Release date: February 28, 2000