One of the perennial complaints about AC/DC is that they've never changed - and if that's true, High Voltage is the blueprint they've followed all their career. The album has every single one of AC/DC's archetypes. There are songs about rock & roll, slow sleazy blues, high-voltage boogie, double entendres so obvious they qualify as single entendres and, of course, the monster riffs of Angus Young, so big and bold they bruise the listener upon contact. It's those riffs - so catchy they sound lifted when they're original, so simple they're often wrongly dismissed as easy - that give the music its backbone, the foundation for Bon Scott to get dirty, and rockers never got quite as dirty as Bon Scott. Scott sounded as if you could catch a disease by listening to him. He sounded like the gateman at hell, somebody who never hid the notion that lurking behind the door are some bad, dangerous things, but they're also fun, too, and he made no apologies for that.


1.It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll) 2.Rock 'N' Roll Singer 3.The Jack 4.Live Wire 5.T.N.T. 6.Can I Sit Next To You Girl 7.Little Lover 8.She's Got Balls 9.High Voltage


Bon Scott - lead vocals, Angus Young - lead guitar, Malcolm Young - rhythm guitar, backing vocals, Mark Evans – bass guitar, Phil Rudd – drums, percussion

Release date: September 28, 1976