As rock and roll changed as the 1980s rolled on, AC/DC did its best to remain vital and current while maintaining an outlaw status. Fly On The Wall has some of its most thunderous rock yet, but the words are mysterious and buried by the Young brothers guitar pyrotechnics. The album is not AC/DC's best, but shows that a middling AC/DC album is still better than the best that 98% of hard rock bands could hope to achieve.


1.Fly On The Wall 2.Shake Your Foundations 3.First Blood 4.Danger 5.Sink The Pink 6.Playing With Girls 7.Stand Up 8.Hell Or High Water 9.Back In Business 10.Send For The Man


Brian Johnson - lead vocals, Angus Young - lead guitar, Malcolm Young - rhythm guitar, backing vocals, Cliff Williams - bass guitar, backing vocals, Phil Rudd - drums

Release date: June 28, 1985