Ballbreaker continued their return to form after 1990’s The Razors Edge. Part of the reason for its success was the return to the fold of drummer Phil Rudd, who had left an impossible void to fill during his decade-long absence. Plus, there was the news of the recruitment of super-producer, Rick Rubin - master of the back-to-basics career resurrection. The music on Ballbreaker is in "classic" AC/DC style. Hard rocking bluesy riffing, a driving and pounding rythm section and Brian Johnson's trademark rusty voice in front. There's little new under the sun, but that's how most of the band's fans prefer it to be.


1.Hard As A Rock 2.Cover You In Oil 3.The Furor 4.Boogie Man 5.The Honey Roll 6.Burnin' Alive 7.Hail Caesar 8.Love Bomb 9.Caught With Your Pants Down 10.Whiskey On The Rocks It 11.Ballbreaker


Brian Johnson - lead vocals, Angus Young - lead guitar, Malcolm Young - rhythm guitar, backing vocals, Cliff Williams - bass guitar, backing vocals, Phil Rudd - drums, percussion

Release date: September 26, 1995